Beautiful inspiring model and her boyfriend

For love there is no age, no size and much less complexion. That's why when Thi My Linh, 23, met Nguyen Huu Hai, 25, at a dinner with friends, she ended up completely in love.

At first they looked for friendship, but he conquered her with her treatment, making her feel special. After a while they started a relationship that lasted just over a year. However, many people do not understand what she sees in her boy.

The important thing is the treatment

novio gordito

My Lihn is a beautiful model who weighs only 45 kilos, while Huu Hai, 130. She says that what she likes most about her boyfriend is her spirituality, as well as being a very interesting person. He loves to spend hours talking with him. In their free time, both walk around the city and share many incredible moments.

novio gordito

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