Advantages that you only have when you are the younger sister in your family

If your sister spent it saying that you were the adopted girl of the house and forced you to do your homework in order to rest longer, she also used you as her Barbie doll to learn to put on makeup and comb her hair, it is because you were the youngest .


Being the youngest will have its disadvantages for the rest of your life, but it also definitely has benefits that your older sister will never enjoy, such as the fact that you can blame her for any accident.

1. You always have someone who defends you

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our older sisters become your best friends and also your entourage of bodyguards that will help you get out of any problem.

2. You're never to blame for something


It does not matter if the problem started you or your sister, they will always believe you.

3. You are the most spoiled

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It is said that you are the most capricious of your house, and that is true because they have always fulfilled your cravings.

4. You have an information bank

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You know how your parents will be with you when you grow up, as they have been with your sister, and that information is extremely valuable.

5. You're never sad

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It does not matter if your day has been boring, your older sister is responsible for making you happy, even if it bothers you.

6. You have had self-defense classes

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Especially if you grow up with an older brother because with him you have practiced all kinds of martial arts.
7. Your parents are not so strict with you

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Let's say that most of your energy was used with your older sister, and you got the most relaxed version of them.

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