Golden nails trends

Gold has fascinated humanity for a long time, it has served as currency for many years, it is the metal most used as material for jewelery, it is synonymous with economic well-being and the icon of wealth. The golden color of this metal is what has made her famous among us.

It is also an incredible color to wear on your nails, since all your designs tend to be elegant. It has a lot of light, that's why it always has that brilliant effect, it could also be said that it represents happiness and luxury. Dazzle your friends with the best nail art ideas in this wonderful tone.

1. Half moons in white on gold

golden manicura

2. A light gold can look very chic

golden manicura

3. The contrast of the gold on the natural nail is lovely

golden manicura

4. Try golden spots on your pink nails

golden manicura

5. Combine textures in your stilettos

golden manicura

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