Phrases that women without children are fed up with listening

Women without children do not always have to be careless or without responsibilities, some focus on following their personal goals, being professionals, having a good job, traveling and maintaining different partners, all before making a decision as important as educating a boy.

There are phrases that some people tell you constantly and that you are tired of listening, believe that an independent woman can not be happy without the joy of being a mother, but not all of us have a maternal instinct, do we? Here is a list of the typical phrases that remind you why you do not even want to be a mom.

1. "Has your biological clock not yet started to ring?"

mujer rubia recostada en el suelo fumando un cigarro

No, the only thing my watch tells me is that it's time to eat.

2. "Having children is the best decision I have made"

mujer con los brazos extendidos y con cara de interrogante

How strange, for me not having them is the best decision I have made so far.

3. "Children give meaning to life"

mujer rubia manejando un auto

My life already makes sense, although I crave a little ice cream. For the rest, I'm fine.

4. "It must be lovely not to have this responsibility"

mujer sentada en la cama usando una mascarilla mientras lee un libro de publicidad para tontos

Oh sure! I forgot that having children is the only way to be responsible.

5. "Time is running out"

chica rubia con blusa roja sentada con expresión de pregunta

You too: you're running out of time before I tell you that you're a fool and never speak to you again.

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