People who immortalized the love they feel for their pets

Friendship has no limits, it does not know about races and even species. Many times you can find a friend where we least imagine it and it becomes a very special relationship.

Have you ever thought about tattooing your pet? For years, tattooing the footprint or face of pets has become very popular and is that people who do seek to create a stronger bond with their furry friends.

With this it is clear that animals can be a good company with which you can form a great friendship for life. We leave you this selection of 11 images with cute pet tattoos.

perro color blanco con un liston rojo

tatuaje en la pierna huella de perro

mujer mostrando tatuaje

tatuaje de varios perros en la pierna

tatuaje en la parte posterior baja de la pierna

perro negro en un lado en el otro huella a colores

huella estilo tribal en el torso

tatuaje de gato en el brazo

brazo con huella

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