Trendy ideas to master the ‘ombré nails’ style in your manicure

The ombré style is worn everywhere: in clothes, in hair, in make-up and even in nails. Carrying a gradient means being able to play with all the colors you want, from yellow to violet and vice versa. Vary from a white to a black, seeing how so contrary colors merge with each other.

You choose what your favorite tones are and it's just a matter of patience and color theory to have nails that match your favorite outfit. Here are some ideas for you to bring the full range of your favorite colors at once.

1. A continuous French

uñas ombre de rosa a blanco

2. A vertical gradient

uñas ombre vertical

3. Ombré in pastel colors with a lot of brightness

ombre de unicornio uñas colores pastel

4. A very spatial style inspired by geometry

uñas ombre con motivos triangulares

5. A classic gradient in pink

degradado rosa juvenil uñas ombre

6. The sweetest gradient from pink to violet

degradado en violeta a rosa

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