Rich snacks that you can eat without raising a single gram

A few weeks of spring break, the dissatisfaction of those who failed to realize their New Year’s resolutions is very evident. But complaining about social networks you will not lose weight! If you want to prepare your body for Holy Week, you’d better apply before it’s too late.

We understand that it is hard to maintain a rigorous diet, that is why we recommend you go with a nutrition expert to obtain the appropriate advice. But if you are looking for simple tips to eat healthily without dying of hunger in the attempt, here we leave you a few ideas to complement your diet without feeling that little hole that causes you so much anxiety when botanear. Indulge yourself without guilt!

1. Smoothie of red fruits

Botanas saludables

2. Apple with peanut butter and almonds

Botanas saludables

3. Fruit skewers

Snack sano

4. Brownie with banana

Botanas saludables

5. Toast with grapefruit and berries

Botanas saludables

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